This New Year, Embrace A Healthier Atmosphere

This new year, make a resolution to repair nature. Planting a small pot in your home is the first step. After the first step is taken, our instructions would not be required, the beauty of nature would take its course and in no time, you will be on a journey to Make Your Home Your Garden.

For this beautiful and fulfilling journey, you would require a partner and that is where IFFCO steps in. With our range of products for your home, nothing would come between you and a green life. Embrace this path towards a green life by planting a pot and adopting our products this year.

This new year, the team of IFFCO gifts you the product range of AquaGT and hopes that by the fall of next year, we and our children would be living in a healthier atmosphere, a greener atmosphere.

About Aqua GT

The first ever urban-population initiative of IFFCO (the biggest fertilizer co-op in the world), AquaGT is on a mission to make people realize how important it has become to ‘make your home your garden’. To cement this belief, AquaGT introduces before you a stellar product range for your home plants.

Make Your Home Your Garden

Plants do so much for us, now it is time for us to return the favour. Gift your plants our range of products and make sure that you are taking care of their well being in the most magical & efficient way imaginable.

For All of Your Gardening Needs

Browse our product range to take the first step. Trust us, you will never look back once you’ve embarked upon the journey of making your Home feel like your Garden. Our product range makes sure of just that.

Let's Build Your Dream Garden Together

Have a look at our ‘Dream Green’ gallery to green light your creativity. Let us have the opportunity of building your dream garden for you. Simply consult us for any requirement and we will come up with a prompt solution.

About IFFCO's Urban Initiative: AquaGT

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited(IFFCO), an Indian fertiliser giant, has touched many milestones along with empowering over 50 million farmers over its more than 50 Years of service.


After achieving groundbreaking success with its every initiative. IFFCO realized that there is a market that has not seen its true potential yet. A market that has not seen a proper solution provider, ever. That market is the market of the ‘Urban Population’. The end consumers, who until now did not have any quality products that they could use to enrich their home gardens and provide a good quality of life to their plants.


To fill this void, IFFCO has decided to enter this market through its first ever initiative for the urban population known as AquaGT. This new initiative will provide urban home gardens with the best quality fertilisers and other related products.


Via AquaGT we are trying to ‘Make Your Home Feel Like Your Garden’. Join us in this #DreamGreen initiative today

Green Diet

This gentle mist of nourishment has all sort of vital nutrients assorted in it.

Tulsi Mix

Made entirely from plant origin components. This mix provides basic nutrients.

Mix Me

A natural pot-mix that helps with the process of efficient nutrient absorption.

Neem Mix

Multi-dimensional benefits provided with a natural and reliable base.


Made out of coconut husk. It is an ideal growing medium for plant crops.


Ideal compost for garden users that helps plants in reaching optimal growth.

Sea Secret

A Sea weed based product that is a treasure of nutrient supplements.

Life Pro

A product to make ‘cut flowers’ that carry our emotions sustain longer.


A compost in powder form that is mixed with effective micro organisms.

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