Tulsi Plant And How To Take Care Of It

Tulsi, the most sacred plant in India holds an important place in traditions of our land. Our ancestors had an every scientific approach that’s why they place Tulsi plant very highly in the Ayurvedic medicine because the Tulsi Plant has many medicinal properties, increases over all immunity and protects household from many ailments. Tulsi can be easily spotted in Indian households, yet it is not that easy as it seems to maintain the Tulsi plant. Many of us might have noticed that even if we pay a professional gardener or mali to take care of our Tulsi still it withers away. The reason is that Tulsi might induce immunity in humans but she remains a very sensitive plant which is prone to many problems which can cause its withering. Let us see some of the common problems and how to deal with them.

Reproductive growth is more than the vegetative growth in the Tulsi plant

You might have experienced whatever you might do but you can’t make your Tulsi plant bushier even if it is perfectly healthy. This is because Tulsi plants have more reproductive growth i.e. they flower and bloom to the excess which prevents its lateral growth of its branches. This problem can be cured if a simple method: by removing the buds. If you see 4-6 leaves bunch at the top remove them immediately this will make your Tulsi to grow laterally.



Improper nutrition to your plant

Unlike other plants at your home you are reluctant to use manure or other fertilizer due the animal excreta being inappropriate to use with the holy plant. Chemical fertilizers are out of question as we cannot digest the idea of using chemicals on something we are going to consume. The best solution for this problem will be to use plant based natural nutrition which might be available in market. Tulsi Grow from Urban Gardens is a very innovative product which has a media which is specially customized for the Tulsi plant keeping in mind its holiness the media is free from animal excreta. It is also available at an affordable price online.



Cercospora leaf spot caused by fungus

This is a problem which can be prevented at an early stage. We must always water our Tulsi plant from the base and avoid overhead spraying. If you see any symptomatic leaves they should be destroyed at once.



Fusarium wilt caused by fungus

You have to make sure that the seeds which you used to plant the Tulsi should be disease free. This could be done by treating seeds with hot water. Avoiding excessive watering in winters could also prevent this problem. Also, when you are planting the seeds make sure you have a suitable mix in the pot which ensures protection and nutrition for the seeds. Planting seeds with Tulsi Grow or similar products will be an earlier step which can ensure health of your Tulsi in future.


Problem-leaf spot caused by bacteria

Plant the Tulsi in a area where it can get enough air. You might have noticed a Tulsi plants are kept in a separate space in the open veranda or balcony this is the reason for that. If you have multiple Tulsi plants at your home make sure you keep enough distance between them. If you see any diseased leaf make sure you remove them and take them away from the plant. It will be better to destroy them.

Though Tulsi is grown from time immemorial in our civilization but it still requires special attention for the proper growth and maintenance of Tulsi plant which can be easily achieved by the customized products presented by few companies in the market like TULSI GROW by Urban Gardens. A HEALTHY Tulsi plant ensures prosperity in the household and can be used for curing various ailments organically.


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