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100% Natural & No Chemicals Used

‘Bokashi’ is a compost maker in powder form which contains effective micro organisms that help in anaerobic composting of biodegradable home waste.

The term ‘Bokashi’ means fermented organic matter which works faster than normal compost maker. This is possible as ‘Bokashi’ involves the use of essential microbes to break down organic matter and  under specific conditions the microbes degrade the food and green waste leaving nutrient rich humus which acts as suitable compost for our home garden plants.

  • User friendly product and easy to spread.
  • No awful smell.
  • Faster and efficient compost maker.
  • Presence of effective microbes
How To Use:
  • Take an empty ‘Bokashi’ bin.
  • Put the bio degradable waste in it and spread the ‘Bokashi’ powder over it.
  • Close the bin carefully; make sure it is air tight.
  • Repeat the process and keep making layers of waste and spreading ‘Bokashi’ powder over and over.
  • Once the bin is full, keep it aside and fill the other bin with the same process.
  • In the span of filling the second bin, the first bin will be decomposed.
  • Turn on the tap and collect the ‘Bokashi’ tea and sprinkle it on the potted or bedded plants for nourishment.
  • Then open up the lid and collect the compost and use it as a manure with the pot soil.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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