Flowers For Summer

Summers are already here with the bright sunlight and long days, for many of us it brings along a plethora of memories like summer vacations, visiting our grandparents, those yummy mangoes and the list is endless but for few like our plants this scotching weather can be troublesome. Let me introduce to a few flowers which survive well in summers and would add up bright shades to your garden.

Top 10 Plants To Be Grown In Summers: –


I assume we all have had these flowers in our garden. Marigold are available in about 33 verities and various colours from shades of yellow to orange and sizes. It holds cultural significance as it is used as cut flowers and garlands for decorating our deities.

Marigold is best grown in light, well-drained soil. Water it twice in a week in the month of May-June. After the plant attains a height of 15-20 cm cut of the tps by 2-3cm to overcome apical dominance and promote lateral growth.



Some annual, shrub verities grow well in summers. The colour varies from a mix of white, red and yellow. It is mostly serves the purpose for cut flowers.

It requires a little extra care in summer. The key is clean cultivation, remove all the dried leaves from the plant as well as the soil. Pay attention to pruning, remove the dried, diseased and shoots rowing inwards to the stem. Due to pruning the plant puts in lots of efforts to bear new shoots and leaves so it should be watered properly and given amp nutrients.



It grows all through the summer to the start of winter. It is a solitary bright flower which blooms on a single erect stem. It is best displayed in hangings pots, small containers and gardens. These are best used as cut flowers.

Remember to plant it in direct sunlight. Moisturize the soil moderately. Add light organic fertilizers.



These flowers bloom throughout the summers. They are found in wide range of colours. They are best displayed in hanging pots or gardens.

They need to be planted in light soil with good drainage. Water the plant thoroughly once in a week.



It is one of the most easily spotted annually flowering plants in our gardens. It is available in a variety of colours, the red hibiscus is used to offer to Hindu Devi’s.



Did you know? The bright coloured flowers of bougainvillea are actually modified leaves. These plant have a bushy growth and can be grown as hedge, on boundaries or slope covering etc. The whole plant gets covered with papery bright flowers(bracts).

It hates overwatering, water it only after the soil is dry. It does not require much care and is great for newbies. Keep the plant in bright light.



These fragrant flowers come in wide verities of colours ranging from white, orange, pink, red, yellow, purple. Don’t judge them by their soft flowers them blossom in late spring and summers.

Lilies love slightly acidic to neutral soil pH ranging from 5.5-6.5. avoid planting in direct sunlight. Water the plant in regular interval.



These plants have big flowers which are gaining importance in the cut flower market. Flowers are borne on tall 6-7ft plants.

Dahlias love the sun but avoid from keeping in direct sunlight. Plant dahlia in a place where it receives morning sunlight. Water it in regular interval. Before planting apply FYM to the soil. Use premium quality vermicompost like NUTRI RICH by URBAN GARDENS which increase the water holding capacity of the soil and enhances flowering.



Guess who loves the summer like me? These are literally sun loving plants ad requires a warm weather for floral growth. Let’s plan to bring these little suns to our garden.

These plant hate high moisture content and soil compaction. They grow best in slight basic soil pH range from 6-8. The seedlings should be planted in relative cooler weather. Plant them in direct sunlight and water only after the soil is dry.



You don’t believe me when I say that you can easily grow LOTUS in your gardens too.
I know we have always seen it in large ponds but varieties of miniature lotus are available in market with flower as small as your watch face. It is available in mixture of colors of white, red, pink and yellow.

LOTUS must always be grown in direct sunlight. Ensure that the temperature of water is above 70C. The pot must have at least 3-4’’ water always. Remove the yellow and defoliated leaves.

These flowers not only add a dash of colour to your garden in summers but also attract bees and butterflies. Do your share for protecting the bees and providing them nectar. Many of these flowers can be used as cut flowers to decorate your household and deities.


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