Garden Therapy

When the leaves dance, and

A new wind blows;

When the birds sing, and

A new song is composed;

When deep within the rivers of my soul

I begin to hear the approaching sea,

I pause and bask in sweet unity.

I cannot bear but to see

The unshakable connection to everything around me.

-New but old, Jennifer Williamson

There is a special relationship between gardening and hope. The action of planting a seed and embracing the whole journey of growth fills us with hope and encouragement to grow on a personal level.

Garden therapy or more scientifically known as horticulture therapy is a natural process for providing relief from anxiety, depression, better psycho-motor functions, and even chronic heart diseases. We are very well aware that the benefits of a garden are numerous and well known as adding colors and aesthetic vibes to the home, growing organic fruits and vegetables and the list is long. Working and maintaining garden also has therapeutic benefits. This is not only based on facts but is supported by research and many live examples. Working in the garden may not be comparative to your workout in the gym but 30minutes of activity in the garden like making seedbed, training, pruning, cleaning, and planting has many health benefits. It helps in enhancing the psychomotor functions.

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Everyone has anxiety from time to time, but chronic anxiety can interfere with your quality of life. The major effects anxiety has on our body are: –

A sense of doom,


Panic attacks

Headaches, irritability etc.

When you are working in the garden with your children, you tend to spend more time with them and the young ones are filled with a feeling of responsibility and grow to be more kind and caring. With other hobbies the constant problem is that it grows monotonous and slowly tend to lose my interest in that hobby but with gardening every day I have something new to do, today I cleaned my garden tomorrow I need to look out for ensuring the soil nutrition is enriched then I would have to do weeding after a few days. My garden requires daily care it is not like I plant a seed and forget it for a month but I need to look out for my plants daily. My garden ensures that I am occupied in some kind of physical, mental activity daily.  I don’t have a green thumb and in the beginning, it was a difficult commitment but I started slowly and steadily. The more I was involved in the garden the more I learned about it the more interest I gained. Seeing a seed growing from such a minute structure to a full-grown nourished plant the very journey made me grow as a person.

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Other benefits: –

In earlier days getting your hands dirty was considered unhygienic, but with more researches and studies now it has been proved that working in the dirt is a sign of good health. The beneficial bacteria’s present in the soil boosts your immune system, which results in you falling sick less and even fights off infection. Study shows that gardening helps to reduce the risk of chronic heart diseases by 30%. Research shows garden therapy helps in relieving stress by decreasing Cortisol (the hormone responsible for increasing stress levels), gaining confidence, fighting chronic heart disease, fighting depression and many others.  Working in the garden, exposed to direct sunlight provides you with an apt amount of vitamin D, which helps to fight diseases like osteoporosis and even some cancers.

I will also tell you the brownie points I got for raising a garden, it helped me to be more social. The more people saw my garden, the more people interacted with me though I am a bit introvert gradually I gained confidence. It’s not like this all happened overnight but it happened definitely.

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