Available in 5 kg & 25 kg

100% Natural & No Chemicals Used

‘Vermicast’ is an ideal compost for the garden users. It is neem and trichoderma coated thus helps plants to reach an optimum growth level. It also helps plants from pest attacks and helps in enhancing nutrient uptake and absorption levels of the plant.

Who doesn’t know about these little red friends – yes, we are talking about Earthworms, they are serving the farming fraternity since time immortal and are also used to make compost which is known as “Vermicast”.

‘Vermicast’ provides all the vital nutrients to plants. It is user friendly and has no hazards.

  • Stimulates vegetative growth of the plant.
  • Makes the plant look fresher.
  • Energizes the metabolism of the plant.
  • Helps in better foliar development.
How To Use:
  • Mix compost directly with potting soil or sand. The ideal ratio is 1:5. Don’t use more compost than this or the soil will retain too much water and the plants’ roots will rot. 
  • Steep the compost in water and use the resulting ‘tea’ as a liquid fertilizer. Mix two tablespoons of compost per litre of water and let it stand for a day.
  • Put a layer of compost on top of the soil.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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